Treasure Cove, Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai Disney Resort

Practice Area


Shanghai International Theme Park Company Limited


Project Vision

Inspired by the characters, stories and locations of the popular Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, Treasure Cove is a pirate haven—an island that’s been taken over by pirates. Pirates are in control of Treasure Cove, creating their own society in the existing English and Spanish landmarks. Thanks to its interesting history, Treasure Cove is a mix of architectural styles and influences. Before the Spanish arrived, the island was home to native peoples. Evidence of the tribal influence can be seen on the walkway into town, where a rock wall shows hieroglyphics that can be attributed to native artisans. The native influence also appears in the signage and graphics of Explorer Canoes. The island’s architecture was originally Spanish colonial, with construction of wood beams and stucco over brick and stone. When the English claimed the island the architecture took on a decidedly English flair, although the buildings still maintained their distressed, ramshackle appearance. Paint colors are bold, with the hues coming from natural elements found in the soil, stone and foliage. However, thanks to the blazing Caribbean sunshine, wind and salt spray, these colors have faded and bare wood is frequently exposed. The resulting layering of textures, language and color result in a rich level of storytelling of this history of this place. The signs and graphics combine to tell a colorful story of what happens when a civilized community (Spanish and English) becomes overrun by uneducated pirates to whom spelling, grammar, punctuation and neatness clearly don’t matter! While some “formal” signs and graphics on brass plaques tell the story of the Spanish and English settlers, most of the signs are hand-painted on walls, chunks of driftwood and old wooden boards. For the sake of the guests many of the signs are written in both Chinese and English. This also remains consistent to the story of Treasure Cove being an international port.

Project Details
Design Team

Luc Mayrand (creative director), Catherynne Jean (creative director), Chris Barker (fabrication director), Mark Panelli (lead designer), Jeff Leinenveber (lead designer), Gary Tokumoto (lead fabrication designer), Jeremy Fulton (designer), Anthony Martinez (designer), Vince Peterson (designer)


Wrenhouse, Creative Pull Design, David Crust Illustration


Cockram Scenario, Gradation, Beijing Trycool. Direct Embed, Tiff