Traxys North America Workplace

Practice Area




Project Vision

A worldwide leader in the metals, minerals and mining industries, Traxys story is brought to life in their 30,000 square-foot Manhattan Headquarters. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into the space with a digitally enabled mineral specimen display that showcases ten of the most prominent minerals for the company’s business. The scope of the project included interior architectural design, digital experience, signage & wayfinding, interiors programming, and workplace strategy.

The storyline of the welcome area is woven throughout the workplace using a periodic table of elements that comes to life graphically, digital touchpoints, room naming and beautifully displayed mineral specimens. Multiple LCD screens and displays highlight the history and application of each of the featured minerals – cobalt, chromium, copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum, fluorspar, vanadium, manganese, and molybdenum. The accompanying cinematic digital shorts showcases that mineral’s importance and role in everyday life and is choreographed to engage visitors as they move through the space, providing a cohesive and clear narrative.

The final design quickly engages visitors and workers passing through the Traxys lobby while creating a meaningful and artistic moment in the space. This dynamic digital experience humanizes the technical nature of the raw materials industry and instills a sense of pride for Traxys employees.

Project Details
Design Team

Brian Brindisi (principal in charge), Craig Byers (brand design director), Michael Schneider (media architecture director), David O’Brien, Sarah Pokora (project managers), Jennifer Passas, Laura Gralnick (strategy leads), Hannah Huff (strategist), May Kim (digital experience design lead), Sophie Reid (signage director), Corina Benatuil (brand designer), Zamie Casazola (visualization designer)

Project Area

30,000 sq ft


Willie Russell (animator at Adventure Studios)


Dave Krongel (project manager), Peter Haas (account manager), Mac Pierce (software developer)