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Macquarie Bank

Project Vision

The project is a series of meeting rooms and a training facility for Macquarie Bank; the goal was to enliven and activate the space to encourage open thinking and communication, and incorporate the bank’s values in the design. By branding the space with a unique name, visual identity and total thematic approach, Emery Vincent Design unified the spaces and created the destination “Thinkspace.” The theming enables people to escape the constraints of linear thinking common to the banking environment and to transcend into a lateral-thinking mode.

The graphic theme and overlay is based on the seven core functions of the brain, and how they relate to Macquarie’s seven core values. Dictionary definitions are subtly applied to the glass entry doors as visitors make the transition into the space. On arrival, they are confronted by a glass wall featuring emotive imagery and the Thinkspace logotype.

Descriptive and visual information correlating to the zone of the brain not only indicates the room number, but is combined with large scale graphics and quotations that represent the corresponding Macquarie value. The overlay is applied as digital printouts on clear adhesive film face mounted to glass and die-cut self-adhesive vinyl films applied to painted doors and walls.

Dividing the café from the training rooms is a curved wall, an interactive element that enables visitors and course training leaders to instantly change the mood, dynamic, and meaning of the space. A series of rotating squares carry a blue sky image on one side and inspirational words on the reverse – the words float in the sky, creating a counterpoint between the visual and verbal.

Project Details
My overall impression is a richness of color that would make me want to think deep but human thoughts.
Juror 1
Beautiful graphic representation of symbolic imagery. Bold, sophisticated use of color and typography with a humorous representation of Braille. Refreshing for a financial institution! I would love to see and experience this.
Juror 2
Design Team

Penny Bowring (Principal in Charge), Simon Hancock, Ray Parslow, Carlo Giannasca, Andrea Nixon

Design Firm

Emery Vincent Design


Geyer Design (Interior Design)


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