Thinking and Making


Kim Beckmann, Anne Ghory-Goodman

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William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising & Design

Project Vision

Thinking and Making, An April Greiman Retrospective

To interpret April Greiman to the public, the design of the exhibit had to provide a context for the work. Forms needed to reference the familiar. Repeated elements allowed views to participate in the process of discovery. Excerpts from Greiman’s writing floated on matte black walls in glossy black vinyl, to help the audience understand the thinking behind the work. Three-dimensional forms signaled groupings of similar content to help viewers navigate among loosely connected materials and content. Floor graphics created pathways into the material. Viewers experienced Greiman’s work on planes, through forms, and in space.

Project Details
Mounting an exhibition of such diverse items is always extremely challenging. To achieve this for such a modest budget is exceptional. April Greiman's work is excellent and the context in which it is displayed is beautifully handled. This exhibition is an excellent example of an exhibition whose subject matter totally influences the character of the environment and interpretation. The content is well organized and gives credit to the design style of April Greiman. The representative cost of this installation truly shows you can do a lot with a little.
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Design Team

Kim Beckmann, Anne Ghory-Goodman

Design Firm

Kim Beckmann, Anne Ghory-Goodman


Kim Beckmann, Anne Ghory-Goodman, Keith Nelson, Nils Thorsen