Theatre and Auditorium Poitiers (TAP)


P-06 Atelier

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JLCG Archtects


Project Vision

To develop a compelling environmental identity for the Theatre and Auditorium of Poitiers, France (TAP), P-06 Atelier approached color, corporate identity, and wayfinding simultaneously. 

Yellow is an important color for both the interior and exterior, creating a warm vibration and an unexpected contrast in the gray city of Poitiers. The concept for the wayfinding system was inspired by the Dada movement, and P-06 literally made the building a container for free-moving words and sounds. Oversized graphics invade the surfaces, letters painted on walls or rendered in graphic film suddenly “move,” and some words acquire new meanings when letters are separated. P-06 chose the font BS-Monofaked, by Portuguese designer Mário Feliciano, for its simple lines and appropriateness for oversized graphics. TAP’s corporate identity continues the same bold font, colors, and graphic logic as the wayfinding system.

To make the theater’s seasonal events calendar a part of its architecture and identity, P-06 developed guidelines for graphics comprising exterior video projections on the building’s glass skin. The effect is of a deconstructed videowall with moving images.

Project Details
A bold and humorous use of type and color, well integrated with the formal structure of the building, both inside and out.
Juror 1
The design concept is well thought out and all components are effectively integrated into the program.
Juror 2
Design Team

Nuno Gusmão (creative director); Estela Pinto, Pedro Anjos (project managers); Vera Sachetti, Giuseppe Greco, Miguel Cochofel, Miguel Matos (designers)

Design Firm

P-06 Atelier


Demetro a Metro (signage and graphics)