Teledesic Headquarters


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Project Vision

This project is a comprehensive interior and exterior signage program for the world headquarters of Teledesic, the builder of an “internet in the sky” communications system. The signage references 1960s-inspired space themes to reflect the company’s personality and pioneering vision of worldwide telecommunications. The sign panel shape, reminiscent of the company’s logo, utilizes images from Martians to constellations for a stellar effect. To give the signs a hierarchy, primary identification was accented with a dimensional yellow crescent and screen-printed constellation image. Secondary identification signs use a cut out in the shape of a crescent.

Project Details
Simple, well-detailed and memorable. Also, there is a light touch of whimsy that is welcome in the corporate market.
Juror 1
Design Team

Kerry Burg (Principal in Charge), Tom Bender, Brent Rogers, Brent Whiting

Design Firm

NBBJ Graphic Design


Martin Signs + Fabrication, Inc., David Gulassa (exterior main identification)