Teknion Atlanta Showroom


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Project Vision

In planning the design of the showroom for Teknion, a manufacturer of contract systems furniture, the challenge was to remedy the physical limitations imposed on the space. The solution was to create an entrance compelling enough to draw visitors down a twenty-foot long corridor to the soaring 17-foot tall showroom beyond – taking a negative and expanding upon it. Horizontal linear fiberglass fluted panels were clad to the expansive corridor and pendant-hung oversized lamps accentuate the length of the hall. The oval shape of the conference room helps to reduce the visual presence of this full-sized floating room, which also uses frosted glass panels to allow natural light to pass through the room and into the reception area. The palette of white flooring, frosted glass, and anodized aluminum-finished walls create a neutral environment to exhibit the client’s diverse product line while avoiding the visual overload often associated with showing a large product offering.

Project Details
The ribbed, Japanese lantern-like walls in this showroom are an incredible backdrop to the products on display. Not only do the forms successfully draw potential customers into the space, but the central, curved column highlights the showroom's center, indicating locale with no signage. Teknion's logo is introduced only sparingly and with great respect for the wall patterning.
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Design Team

Michael Vanderbyl (Principal in Charge), Peter Fishel, Jeremy Regenbogen

Design Firm

Vanderbyl Design


Smith Herrin Architects (architect of record)


William Kreysler & Associates