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What to do during the holidays – if you are a retailer without a location in New York City? Rent one. Mega-retailer Target rented a large tourist cruise ship and located it on the West Side at Chelsea Piers on the Hudson River.

Creating a hip and fun Target shopper’s experience within a smaller than typical space came with many challenges: traffic flow, wayfinding, and expediting the shopping experience without rushing anyone, to name a few.

Time was of the essence, with only two evenings to decorate the vessel. All forms of graphic treatments were utilized including stanchions, floor graphics, window graphics, wall murals, and even display table mountings.

The Target Boat was judged an overwhelming success, not by sales but by media coverage.

Project Details
The jury was ambivalent about the Target Boat, created to give the discount store a presence at the epicenter of holiday shopping in New York City. A rented cruise ship was decorated in only two days with window and floor graphics, as well as wall murals. It is an excellent example of the hip and fun brand that Target projects in their nationally televised ads. Ironically, most of Target's permanent stores lack this incredible invention. One can only hope the success of this installation will find its way into Target stores nation-wide.
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