Sushi Taira


Taira Kato

Practice Area


Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design


Project Vision

Sushi Taira is a restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food within an atmosphere ranging from casual to high class, as well as from western style tables to private tatami rooms in a more traditional Japanese seating format. In order to attract a wide range of different people, the mark had to be elegant enough to attract a high-class clientele, yet modern enough to better familiarize people with sushi. Research shows that not many sushi restaurants have their own logo. Even if they do, the logo tends toward a generic fish. The designer focused on the more original eel to show uniqueness and elegance. Traditional Japanese style is reflected in the traditional brush stroke, which also carries a sophisticated and fresh look. Additionally, the mark is hand-painted using natural paints that contain organic, non-toxic, environmentally safe ingredients.

Project Details
The calligraphic basis for this image results in a graphic icon that references the Japanese expression. The solution applied to simple, traditional materials used in the architectural application provides an effective branding for this restaurant.
Juror 1
Design Firm

Taira Kato


George Lim, Instructor