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Project Vision

On the site of the historical Phoenix Indian School, the city of Phoenix has created the Steele Indian School Park. Thinking Caps designed the park signage program which includes native American quotes and verse etched into concrete walls, walkways, and seating elements as well as 24 interpretive columns that line the “Circle of Life” surrounding the historic school buildings. These columns provide historical information about the Phoenix Indian School as it existed for nearly 100 years. Park regulatory and directional signage elements were also included in the scope, creating a cohesive visual program.

Project Details
The rocks themselves speak. Even looking at the flat images gives me the sense that there is a different and beautiful way of seeing the world in play. I'd love to be in this space.
Juror 1
A beautiful and subtle design. Local color and texture make this design universally memorable.
Juror 2
Design Team

Ann Morton (Principal in Charge), Rolando Gumler, David Taylor

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Thinking Caps


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