Sony PlayStation E3 2001 Exhibit


Mauk Design

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Sony Computer Entertainment America

Project Vision

This 38,000 square foot exhibit opened and ran for three days. For PlayStation, the objective is always to portray “new” – new games, new platforms, new adrenaline rush. The primary design concept for the 2001 E3 exhibit utilizes an umbrella environment of deconstructivist architecture composed of the faceted polygons used in CG environments. Other influences include origami and Japanese robots.

Substantial parts of the exhibit were reused where image wasn’t critical. The entire 3-story tech building was on its second usage and was designed for reuse based on a “sausage” concept. Meeting rooms could be cut off at both ends to adapt to future needs. All of the aluminum and steel was recycled. Wherever possible, theatrical lighting on lightweight fabric scrim was used instead of laminate and wood walls. All fabric scrims were on their second usage. Also wherever possible, surfaces had large vertical (elevation) effect, while having absolute minimum horizontal (plan view) mass.

The exhibit comprised 170 game kiosks, 24 meeting rooms, and two open theaters.

Project Details
Pow! Zoom!
Juror 1
This project clearly demonstrates the integration of leading edge technology and futuristic environmental design that is entertaining and stimulating. The large globe multimedia center is a strong focal point enticing consumers to enter the booth while clearly reinforcing the range of games available on the PlayStation platform.
Juror 2
Takes EGD into the future with interactive, high-tech components defining 'play.' A real trade show grabber.
Juror 3
Design Team

Mitchell Mauk (Principal in Charge), Laurence Raines, Ingrid Ballmann, Christiane Forstnig

Design Firm

Mauk Design

Project Area

38,000 sq. ft.


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