Practice Area


Soho China

Project Vision

Soho China, a developer of high-profile branded commercial properties in central Beijing and Shanghai, collaborates with internationally-recognized architects to create iconic real estate. Several of Soho China’s developments have become landmark structures in Beijing’s emerging skyline.

Soho Shang Du is a mixed-use development in the central business district on a 2.2-hectare site, a block away from the Rem Koolhaas-designed CCTV Tower. Designed by Lab Architecture Studio Australia, Soho Shang Du has 450 shops and 270 offices, and includes two 30-story buildings and a five-story vertical shopping street.

emerystudio was tasked with the wayfinding, public information and signage, brand identity, and retail image overlays for the development. The brand identity for the complex was derived from the architectural design expression, specifically the diagonal intersections of the volumes. The letterform characters are square shaped, enabling either horizontal or vertical configurations of the wordmark and horizontal or totemic expressions of signs featuring the brand.

Project Details
Arresting typography. Bright and friendly. Memorable, which is all you can ask of a monument sign.
Juror 1
As beautiful an example of dimensional letterforms as we’d seen in this year’s submissions. Walking by, I’d definitely take a picture.
Juror 2
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