Site Safety Installation


Studio Alexander

Practice Area


Fletcher Construction


Project Vision

Fletcher Construction has large construction sites around New Zealand, with thousands of construction workers involved. To educate workers about how wearing the right safety gear can save their lives, Fletcher asked Studio Alexander (Auckland) to create a site safety education program using environmental graphics at the work sites.

The Studio Alexander team developed a three-tiered environmental installation designed to inspire workers to gear up safely. The first element features larger-than-life photographic portraits of injured construction workers, with text emphasizing the impact of injuries not only on the workers, but on their families. The second piece, positioned in social areas, incorporates real-life stories accompanied by actual x-rays. The final piece is a functional “Check yourself before you wreck yourself” mirrored installation positioned at the entrance to worksites. The mirrored surface forces workers to check themselves before they enter, comparing their gear to the checklist provided.

Project Details
This is sophisticated, clever, easy, and touching–a grand evolution of the heartless warning sign. It's finally human.
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Design Team

Grant Alexander (creative director); Richard Unsworth, Sam Trustrum (design directors)

Design Firm

Studio Alexander


Felicity Douglas (design manager), Ed Prinsep (production manager), Peter Cowey (client)


Fletcher Construction