Signage and Experiential Graphic of Shenzhen’s Eastern seawall reconstruction



Practice Area


Water Authority of Shenzhen Municipality & CR Land


The Challenge

Located on a long narrow site, light and graceful boards can adapt to various venues of seawalls, steps, slopes and even reefs. The vivid tidal flow shaped arrows are adopted for clear guidance at the linear destinations. In six disconnected parts the installation is easy and fast due to stage construction and long cycle. The coastal conditions bring challenges such as typhoon, high salt and high humidity. The boards can reduce wind loads and combine with permanent poles, avoiding looseness and corrosion of regular metal fasteners, easy for maintenance.

Project Vision

A highly recognizable visual effect is created in the reconstructed sections. The existed isolated peninsula is turned into a hot friendly scenic spot for tourists, also a more livable place for native residents.

We hope that through an experiential design approach, citizens are encouraged to participate in and know more about the environment, evoking their enthusiasm of original ecological ocean protection. The interesting and changing ground graphics are designed to attract people to interact with this nice area. They express different contents and raise visitors’ awareness of this region. The unique and unexpected experiential design brings a new identity – ocean protector – for visitors during their visit on the promenade.

The ground surface design of the Mountain-seaside Promenade is composed of walking distance, cycling distance, calorie data, as well as the graphic design of zebra crossings and sightseeing waiting areas.


Walking or cycling 2200 meters from the starting point, calorie data motif and “all sceneries you see will be collected into the memory” are shown, encouraging visitors to move on.


Design + Execution

While avoiding intrusive design, we took “reading on the way” as main design concept. It provides visitors with fresh, interesting and complete experience to read information, such as signboards, site maps and ecology introductions for roads and entrances.

After the completion of the project, the auxiliary facilities’ services and operation functions will constantly appear or change. Thus, signage system can easily provide with a simple, convenient, modular renewal of information. It’s were adopted to meet the needs of different venues.

For visitors waiting for a sightseeing bus, waiting areas are designed with natural and ecological visual elements, such as animals’ footprints and a series of patterns on moon change.


Visitors can pass through the unique zebra crossing to the other side of the promenade, and from the sea port to the beach.


Along the road is the signage of the popularization of science. It is designed as an interesting paper- folding feature, presenting visitors the diversity of local species.


The vivid tidal flow shaped arrows are adopted for clear guidance at the linear destinations.


The hollow signage boards can effectively reduce wind load on the board post.


Project Details
I love how a banal reconstruction can be simply and thoughtfully transformed into a place with identity and learning. Dimensional crabs, color, and painted graphics set a tone of coastal whimsy.
Juror 1
Resurrecting the damaged seawall to be an educational experience for visitors is brilliant. The story of place becomes more meaningful with the beautifully designed signage and graphic system, sharing the story and engaging visitors. The hollow signage not only effectively reduces the wind load, it also allows the signage to integrate into the natural world in which it sits. Beautiful.
Juror 2
Recreation of this waterfront space and enhanced graphics and wayfinding elements created a unique place for visitors to connect with the water. The dimensional and folded educational moments along the path create moments of exploration of science.
Juror 3
Design Team

Zhang Yi (creative director)
Wen Yuehua (project manager)
Xu Duanping (graphic director)
Yan Meiying, Wu Siying (designers)


Shenzhen Hope Design Co., Ltd. (landscape designer)

Photo Credits


Open Date

September 2022