In Search of Identity


Nikolai Cornell, Art Center College of Design

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Project Vision

This interactive exhibit uses a human-scale display system to allow visitors to explore the photographic work of artist Tatiana Parcero on multiple levels of their own choosing. By projecting through a large pane of half-silvered glass and embedding a diverse range of sensors into the psychical display, the designer created an innovative way for users to incorporate into and interact with the artist’s work. The exhibit also includes a dynamic spatial interface that allows the user to explore a timeline of the artist’s personal and professional history.

The exhibit contains two major sections: a narrative that allows you to investigate twelve pieces of the artist’s work and a timeline that allows you to explore her professional and personal history. A user begins by reading a brief introduction to the project and is then guided into the narrative. At any point in time, the user can move directly to a different photograph by using the sensepad on the right. The user may also explore the artist’s timeline by sliding a finger along the left sensepad. To move through the narrative, the user gently waves a hand in front of the screen at particular moments in time.

Project Details
This was a very ambitious project combining graphics, multimedia, and a curatorial aspect. As an interactive project, this engaged a human element in the actual component of the design. The submission was very clean, well organized, and took details of a product into the design. The construction of the exhibit was well defined and worked well to enhance the theming and to make this subject interesting and engaging.
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Design Firm

Nikolai Cornell, Art Center College of Design


Phil van Allen (instructor)