Rostov-on-Don Platov International Airport

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The Airports of Regions


Project Vision

In anticipation of the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia, many infrastructure projects were undertaken, including the erection of an entirely new airport by Airports of Regions group in Rostov-On-Don. The over-530,000-square-foot facility was named Platov International Airport after Cossack leader Count Matvei Ivanovich Platov.

Lorem Ipsum was approached by client Airports of Regions in mid 2017 with a mission uniquely suited to their skills: Tell the story of Platov and the Cossacks with a cutting-edge, media-driven approach fitting for the brand-new, technologically-advanced space­—and complete the work in five months in time for the airport’s December opening. The team also needed to consider the great scale of the new space, the heavy traffic, the international audience and where, if and for how long people would stop to interact with an installation, in addition to using the exact right amount of historical information to tell the story and pay homage to different aspects of Don Cossack culture.

Inside security, visitors can indulge in viewing a rare treat— “Animated Battlefield,” an animated canvas interactive. The 24-foot-long Photoshop-created “painting” was derived from a series of 19th-century works of art and depicts a symbolic battle between the Russian and the French troops during the Napoleonic Wars in 1812, with the Cossack forces taking charge. When seen through a pair of electronic viewfinders, parts of the painting become animated and show the heat of battle with horses bucking, swords flying and dust whirling.

An interactive media program on the history of Cossack costume uses 3D animation and gives travelers an opportunity to virtually “try on” a traditional Cossack costume from the last four centuries. The interactive was built in two parts: a 3-D rendering depicting how Cossack uniforms evolved as the army became more organized and an interface where visitors can take a selfie “wearing” outfits from various eras.

The largest piece by Lorem Ipsum takes the form of a huge ring 90-feet in circumference. The perforated exterior echoes the surrounding shopping area of the terminal. The interior of the ring houses a 360-degree LED screen playing the “Cossack Spirit” film—shot and produced by Lorem Ipsum—which introduces viewers to the Don Cossack people and their traditional methods of travel and fighting. In-situ, the high-definition images appear as one in the round but are actually two to three shots filmed with a single camera, then stitched together.

Yet another installation includes a large-scale media wall that features a program tracing the path of the river, the fifth longest in Europe, from its source to the Sea of Azov. The installations are strategically located in the areas around the terminal where visitors spend a long time waiting for their travels to commence so that they can both enjoy the experiences and learn more about the cultural heritage of the region.

The exhibit was very well received by the local government and community, who were proud of the way the media captured the history and culture of the Cossacks in an engaging way.



Project Details
A beautifully bold, unexpected and straightforward gesture in an airport environment that draws a viewer into an experience that suits the drama and context of the story.
Juror 1
A very large dynamic 360º screen that avoids being oppressive by tilting to create a comfortable communal information/entertainment area.
Juror 2
Design Team

Abigail Honor (principal in charge); Yan Vizinberg, Chris Cooper (principals); Adrian Castineira (designer, exhibition designer); Masha Pyshkina (producer, head of exhibition project management); Bruce Chilton, Stephen Maneri (video and production designers); Camila Akbulatova (exhibition producer), Pasha Erko (exhibition lead designer)

Project Area

2,153 sq ft

Project Budget



Abby Sanchez


Miras Group, Evgeny Maltsev