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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Project Vision

RockStyle at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

“RockStyle” displayed the stage and video costumes of rock and pop music icons such as Madonna, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie. The main challenge was fitting the large quantity of artifacts into a fairly limited gallery space; this was accomplished by doubling them up in a two-level structure accessed by ramps. The tilting planes imply the dynamic quality of rock music, and the split-level method of display sets up the context of the stage edge. From the visitor’s point of view, he is either positioned as though standing in the audience, looking up, or on the stage, looking down. The structure also allowed for multiple sides of the costumes to be visible, making them seem more accessible than if cramped behind flat glass. The “jungle gym” structure is built of speed-rail, pipes, and Hollander fittings. Explanatory text is displayed on “canopies” or stretched scrims. Typography used in the exhibit graphics resembles stage lights and the “glitter and glam” associated with rock star excess.

Project Details
This exhibit feels like rock and roll. The acid color and off-balance ramps create a display that contrasts with the restrained display of the clothes themselves. The speedrail structure exactly reflects the temporary rigging of rock sets. Kiss would be proud.
Juror 1
Outstanding use of typography in the hot-pink letterforms. Glamour-style camera flashes and canted levels really bring out the spirit of the Rock & Roll experience.
Juror 2
Design Team

J. Abbott Miller (Principal in Charge), James Hicks, Roy Brooks

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Dreamchaser (in-house video installation)