Rewarding Curiosity—Student Welcome Center

An experience that encapsulates the boldness and strength of the University of Oregon brand for prospective students and parents.



Practice Area


University of Oregon


The Challenge

Create an experience that drives choice for prospective students and parents. Encapsulate the boldness and strength of the UO brand. Create surprising and high-touch moments throughout the welcome center.

Project Vision

Conducted StoryMining and creative exercises with a cross-section of Oregon staff in marketing, student life, and housing as well as UO students. Applied overarching story themes and story attributes throughout physical space.

Fifteen interactive lockers reward visitors’ curiosity. As each door is opened, a fun experience awaits with lots of surprises.

Yeah Yeah Creative, David Lavender

The Enchanted Book is a projection mapped interactive experience; as the pages are turned another Oregon iconic experience appears on the pages.

Yeah Yeah Creative, David Lavender

Design + Execution

Collaborated with UO to create digital and static touch points. Created an “enchanted book” featuring page-by-page digital projections, filled lockers with campus artifacts to show the breadth of the UO experience, and created an interactive library to highlight faculty and alumni. Integrated the UO brand voice in stories that highlight inclusive, extraordinary, progressive, and irreverent themes. Rewarded visitor curiosity with “Easter egg” content throughout the experience

The “mail room” offers visitors the opportunity to send a postcard (free of charge) to anyone, anywhere. The unique U of O branding

Yeah Yeah Creative, David Lavender

The alumni library is filled with Easter eggs waiting to be found. Books authored by U of O alumni line the shelves along with images and facts.

Yeah Yeah Creative, David Lavender

“Welcome Home.” The Student Center is the official front door for prospective families. At first glance, it is unmistakable where you have arrived and how you can fit in.

Yeah Yeah Creative, David Lavender

More than 20 U of O stakeholders were interviewed before the design process began. A story theme based on findings drove the design thinking process.

Yeah Yeah Creative, David Lavender

A different play on the iconic U of O Duck. The Oregon brand allowed for unlimited creative play and a wide variety of design ideas.

Yeah Yeah Creative, David Lavender

Project Details
An astute approach and perfect design process combine to create an environment that corresponds to the context and the audience, and which lingers in one's memory.
Juror 1
The Oregon brand oozes with the playful use of sport equipment artifacts to create a texture, telling the story of sport. Students can immediately connect to the brand and feel welcome and embedded into the culture of the University of Oregon.
Juror 2
Design Team

Lauren Duke Patterson (design director)
John Downie (vp digital experiences)
Reese Stevens (design director)
Dustin Waltke (senior experience designer)

Photo Credits

Yeah Yeah Creative, David Lavender

Open Date

January 2022