Radio Flyer Headquarters Expansion

Practice Area


Radio Flyer

Project Vision

Welcome to the Radio Flyer Imagination Factory; part workplace, part testing lab, all play. The Gensler design team created a new home for this iconic 100-year-old brand by creating a space that truly reflects the owner’s vision of Radio Flyer as a “Vessel for the Imagination.” Dozens of objects were carefully curated from Radio Flyer’s history to house in individual displays throughout the space.

Upon entering the gallery, visitors start by experiencing the most modern products, such as the Tesla for Kids. As they make their way through the space, objects and artifacts trace back over 100 years of history, one decade at a time.

Moments of delight include a manhole cover reimagined as an iconic red wagon wheel and tire tracks that playfully crisscross exposed concrete floors. A mural by local artist Anthony Llewellyn expresses the brand’s vibrancy, spirit and sense of whimsy. Employees and visitors are greeted by a Century of Smiles: a display of user-generated Radio Flyer photography that moves chronologically through the decades.

The Heritage Gallery puts the company’s story in context with world events from the 1910s to the 2010s. An original Liberty Coaster wagon manufactured during World War II creates an atmosphere of authentic fun. A Test Track invites kids to pilot the next generation of Radio Flyer wagons in an open, sky-lit space that encourages wonder and play with illustrated felt murals that provide acoustic relief and padding for the walls.

Project Details
Design Team

Steve Meier (principal in charge); Brian Hungerford, Stephen Kellogg (design directors); Alex Burkholder (project manager); Nicole Covarrubias (project architect); Diana Schlaff (interior designer); Jin Chung, Chad Finken (designers); Stephen Kellogg (wayfinding design director); Alex Burkholder (wayfinding project manager)

Project Area

76,000 sq ft


Helios, JR Lighting