Quad Cinema

Practice Area


Cohen Media Group


Project Vision

New York’s renowned Quad Cinema reopened following a major renovation that revitalizes the theater with a sleek modern design and state-of-the-art technology. Pentagram developed the brand identity for the new Quad, as well as the look and feel of the theater including signage, environmental graphics and digital installations for the interiors. The branding introduces a logo and custom typography that play off the unique name and evoke the visual language of cinema.

The Quad logotype is inspired by the cinema’s distinctive name. The designers created a custom typeface that echoes the name in square letterforms with rounded corners, suggesting the shape of screens and film sprockets.

The identity and environmental graphics have been seamlessly integrated with the architecture. The new marquee is a dimensional version of the logo that projects from the building’s facade. The sculptural form instantly makes the Quad a landmark that looks unlike any other movie theater. Screening times appear on the sides of the marquee, and the word “Cinema” runs along the underside of the “U,” guiding visitors inside. Fabricated of aluminum, the monumental form of the marquee also extends back into the theater, through the ceiling of the foyer and into the lobby, where the name repeats on the reverse.

The lobby greets moviegoers with a dynamic digital display wall, where sequences from classics are intercut with information on show times and theater amenities. The video wall is comprised of 32 flat screens, with clips simultaneously playing across different sections of the installation.

The Quad logo was extended into a modular signage system based on squares and illuminated typography. The team developed custom icons constructed of simple shapes for applications like restroom signage and the identity is inlaid in tile on the Quad Bar floor.

Project Details
Design Team

Paula Scher (principal in charge), Rory Simms (designer), Sarah McKeen (project manager)

Project Area

10,000 sq ft

Project Budget

$278,000 USD


Project Design Associates


DCL, Cole Lighting