Pollinator Park

Practice Area


Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation


Project Vision

This street art enlivens a derelict industrial wall surrounding Vancouver’s newest pop-up park. The site, an urban garden dedicated to promoting pollinators–bees—in the city, is a former industrial site on a block that will eventually be developed entirely into park. Until then, one corner of the block is being dedicated as a park with homes for bees. Until the next stage of development, the borders of the park would have been stark grey walls. The client asked us to design something bold and fun that could be quickly and simply installed, indicate that change was coming soon and engage the local residents. Designed to be a simple, repeating, circular pattern in as few colors as possible, the giant friendly bees reinforce the theme of pollination in the city. PUBLIC created a four-color illustration easy to replicate across the wall with two sizes of circles and simple straight lines that could be marked out with tape. The team reviewed the site, determined the visual and conceptual content of the mural, explored different ways to depict themes around pollination, experimented with patterns and prepared dimensioned concept drawings. PUBLIC consulted with suppliers on graffiti resistance, prepared final artwork templates for the painters and performed site reviews to approve positioning, recommended minor adjustments where necessary on site and assisted the client with quality control reviews for successful final results. The mural is a huge part of the success of the park’s community opening planting day. It was in place for many months before any foliage went in the ground and created interest and intrigue clearly seen on social media. The opening day—a rainy day in November—was a huge success in no small part because the mural was inviting and communicated exuberant fun to people living in the area.

Project Details
Design Team

Susan Mavor (Creative Lead, Designer, Illustrator), Sarah English (Design Support)

Project Area

5,000 sq ft


Alexandre Man-Bourdon, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation (Landscape Architect)


Lindsey Adams, Reel Wheels (Painter)