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Project Vision

This casino interior design is based on an underwater theme and much of the architecture reflects the imagery of ships and of water “elements.” The ceiling and the mechanical and electrical systems are cleverly masked by hundreds of undulating mesh screens interspersed with floating, inflated sea “anemones.” The cumulative effect is that of being beneath the waves. Lighting is arranged so that one has the sense of looking up from underwater, towards shimmering daylight. The carpet pattern emulates a field of brain coral.

The architectural themes are translated into the signage with the sympathetic use of forms, finishes, and materials. Ship features and details were often utilized, as in the oversized washroom “porthole” signs. Similarly unique signs were designed for the gift shop, bar, and restaurant areas. The major site entry sign is essentially a sculptural element, suggestive of the Great Lakes cargo ships that regularly ply the river only yards from the casino desk.


Project Details
American casinos are some of the most graphically offensive, overdone places we come across today. This one manages to convey a lively, fun environment – from signage to decoration – without visual overkill.
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Randy Johnson (Principal in Charge), Randy Johnson, Brenda Tong

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