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PMP Limited

Project Vision

Architect Bates Smart and client PMP Limited, a media production and magazine distribution company, requested a three-dimensional, textural, dramatically uplit installation to add pizzazz to a two-story reception area wall in the firm’s Melbourne headquarters.

emerystudio responded with an abstract piece that refers to streams of digital information and the notion of a performance indicator, “a visual representation of the transition from chaos to order.” Small fragments of the 23- by 26-ft. piece—made from humble MDF—are placed throughout the office.

The negative “waste” sheet material remaining after the sculpture was cut out and used in primary locations can also be used for alternative installations in secondary locations. Call it abstract branding.

Project Details
The accent wall for this media production and magazine publishing client was submitted as an abstract work. Yet each reviewer read into it a unique interpretation, illustrating the richness of the art. Is it symbolic of a 'greeking' the text place holder in the publishing world, or is the scan lines of on-screen displays? Could it be bits and bytes from a code-driven array of digital media? Each of these interpretations illustrated the words 'mixed media,' reinforcing the appropriateness of this art for this client. The green aspect of the project was the use of the positive and negative cut-out shapes of the fabricated art. This is a straightforward concept rich with metaphor and interpretation.
Juror 1
Design Team

Garry Emery (principal in charge), Job van Dort

Design Firm


Project Area

23 by 26 ft.


CMR Consultants