People Powered


Kimberly Viviano, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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Project Vision

America consumes nearly 20 million barrels of oil a day, more than four times that of any other nation. People Powered is an idea that offers the average Chicagoan an opportunity to help his or her nation become less dependent on fossil fuels. The project uses graphics to compare parallel transit modes, highlighting human and environmental benefits.

Along Chicago’s lakefront, where cyclists and motorists co-exist, a graphic system reveals contrasts and benefits. The system is sequentially coordinated metal signs, transparent panels, and pavement stencils. The metal signs offer factual comparisons while transparent panels frame the cycling activity and lake view with motivational messages. The signs are attached to the crosswalk/streetlight poles in the median between the north and southbound motorist traffic at designated traffic lights. The signs are read during rush-hour gridlock, or anytime of day when motorists are waiting for the light.


Project Details
This project uses the familiar vernacular of street signage and advertising to present public information about cycling as an ecologically sound mode of transit. Rather than try to pretty up the information, this designer has chosen to use the official languages of the street. The project would probably work best as a temporary installation.
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Kimberly Viviano, School of the Art Institute of Chicago