Penn South


Poulin + Morris

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Mutual Redevelopment Houses

Project Vision

Penn South is a large-scale residential complex located on ten square blocks in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. Originally constructed in the 1950s, the complex underwent major building and landscape renovations in 2002. While improvements were made to infrastructure, sidewalks, landscaping, and lighting, the owners recognized the need for a new wayfinding program to help residents and visitors navigate this urban campus. Responding to the client’s request, Poulin + Morris designed a comprehensive sign program unifying all of the various structures and outdoor common spaces. The program also reinforced a new identity for the complex as a whole, joining the once-disparate parts into a single residential neighborhood.

Project Details
The clean typography, simple color, great finish, and straightforward approach to industrial design are very commendable. Sometimes simple is best!
Juror 1
Design Team

Douglas Morris, Jonathan Posnett

Design Firm

Poulin + Morris


Andco Industries