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Specialty Graphics for Paris Las Vegas Casino Resort

Paris Las Vegas Casino Resort brings the passion and excitement of Paris to the entertainment capital of the world. Located on the famous Las Vegas Strip, this luxurious new resort aims to immerses visitors in an authentic Parisian experience.

The challenge of this project was to create specialty graphics to augment other themed items in production. Using period research, the designers employed modern and traditional crafts to fashion vernacular signage appropriate to the project’s character. Approximately two hundred unique elements were conceived and produced by Studio Arts & Letters in Denver and in a temporary on-site studio in Las Vegas. The designers assumed full responsibility for correct French usage on all messages and worked closely with the client on location.

Project Details
Contemporary historicism: All too often you see an idea such as this ruined in the execution. In this case, the renderings are more than copies of historical artifacts but impeccable reinterpretations, perfectly suited for their use – surprising and inspiring.
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Mark Oatis (Principal in Charge), Dan King

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Studio Arts & Letters


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