Paradise Valley Mall Children’s Playcourt


Thinking Caps

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Westcor Partners


Project Vision

Thinking Caps teamed with Westcor Partners to bring a new concept to one of their retail mall properties in Phoenix, Arizona. At Paradise Valley Mall, Paradise Valley Hospital is the sponsorship partner with Westcor for this children’s play area. Thinking Caps developed an overall theme that compliments the larger community message of Paradise Valley Hospital; “A Recipe for a Healthy Me.” The court features a collection of huge soft play objects, all representing five healthy lifestyle choices for kids: fresh air, exercise, good food, education and rest. The common challenges of a limited budget and short timeframe were overcome through coordination by the designer. In addition to the concept development, object design and court layout, Thinking Caps provided design and documentation for the ground plane design, signage elements and shoe cubby structure, all with a cohesive visual presentation and message.

Project Details
An imaginative use of icons of good health rendered in three dimensions at hypertrophic scale to produce a lively, unexpected play area in the predictable context of the mall. This place sells good habits of eating and exercise through a symbolic language made memorable and tangible in emphatic symbols that constitute the various play stations. Graphic design has created an environment that is fun for kids while retaining the sophisticated visual appeal of an Oldenburg sculpture for their adult companions.
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Design Team

Ann Morton, Julie Henson (Principals in Charge); Jesse Von Gluck 

Design Firm

Thinking Caps


Scene Art, Smithcraft, Dave Bang and Associates