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Sussman/Prejza & Co.

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Project Vision

Set apart from the new casinos of the last few years, the Palms was built for the local Las Vegas visitor. Theming the property was far down on the list of priorities when this friendly and approachable desert resort was created, although out-of-town visitors also recognized the appeal. Patterns in combination with a color palette, inspired by Maynard Dixon’s paintings of the Southwest, evoke the impression of palm trees as affected by sunlight and shadow, and form the core of the visual identity for the project. The two components of the logo include a macro-view of an arching frond, represented as a crescent, as well as a micro-view showing the detail of the individual leaves. These components were applied throughout the environmental graphics, interiors, architecture, collateral design, packaging, and uniforms in various colorways, creating a totally cohesive brand for the project. The color and patterning combined with the bold architectural forms of the building provide a background to elegant but straightforward typography in the signage applications. A digital process was used to create most of the sign panels that were composed of several color gradients. This process achieved a crisp and continuous tone quality that allowed the signs to be produced at a comparatively low cost. The digital prints were then laminated between pieces of acrylic to provide dimension and to protect the image.

Project Details
The boundless creative opportunities seemingly permitted in casino design never ensure a high level of design execution. I think the Palms is a good example of fusing fun and function. It retains all of the effervescence of a casino experience but incorporates a healthy dose of restraint and sophistication. The colors are exciting without being garish. The forms are expressive without being excessive. The solid, clean graphics theme is well incorporated in environmental elements and signs as well as visitor amenities and gaming stations.
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Design Team

Deborah Sussman (Principal in Charge); Hillary Jaye (Project Manager/Senior Designer); Paula Loh, Selene Gladstone, Sharon Blair, John Johnston (Senior Designers); Paul Nagakura, Hsin Hsien Tsai, Ana Llorente-Thurik, Angela Lam, Julius Bhang, Elizabeth Spiradakis, Tom Earnist (Designers)

Design Firm

Sussman/Prejza & Co.


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