ORIGAMI—Forest Breeze Resort Sanya

Practice Area


Hainan Vanke Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.

Project Vision

This sign design project in a forest resort area of China consists of a hotel, condominium apartments, sports and leisure facilities and a park. The warm climate, rich nature and facilities attract many visitors.

KMD used origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, and the motif of various animals seen on Hainan Island in the design of signage to make it easily understandable for all the generations of visitors. In addition, the design team focused on the idea of “inside the forest” for the main identity of the resort, so the signage is arranged visibly in the large forest area to welcome and guide guests.

Project Details
Design Team

Kei Miyazaki (Creative Director), Hironobu Hotta (Designer)

Project Area

646,000 sq ft

Project Budget



Shanghai Dasheng Sign.CO.,LTD.