Open Source


in collaboration with J2 Design Partnership

Practice Area


City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program


Project Vision

Open Source is the largest international art exhibition in Philadelphia’s history, with impactful public art installations created by 14 renowned international artists and 40 events throughout October 2015––positioning the city as an enlightened leader in the global art community.

As part of the exhibition, 14 new public artworks were installed throughout Philadelphia by international artists including JR and Shepard Fairey. The artists engaged with local communities to inform their project directions, some being participatory in the art-making.

J2 Design Partnership, in collaboration with ex;it, developed the brand identity and exhibit design for the project and distributed the brand identity in all forms including web, print, social media and events.

Working for Mural Arts, the non-profit organization championing Open Source, the objective was to create an accessible brand identity and socialize it throughout all neighborhoods of the city to facilitate awareness, participation, attendance and engagement through the arts—bringing the art to the people instead of the people to the art.

The design team leveraged the HUB exhibit space at the Graham Building to set the tone with a dynamic voice for the entire project. The HUB offered a lively learning experience that featured the artists, their history and specifics about the work they were creating during the Open Source month. A lounge environment, an integral experience at the HUB, was designed to accommodate a rotating program of food vendors, Wi-Fi and furniture as a place of respite and learning.

The team utilized a vacant storefront at the base of a high-rise office building, taking advantage of the highly traveled, accessible location in center-city Philadelphia. The team worked with Mural Arts to orchestrate a series of programs in the 1,800-sq.-ft. space, including artists’ lectures and presentations, community art workshops, parties, fundraising events and meet-and-greets.

The Hub was an immersive design experience that became a three-dimensional schedule, a map and home of the project with narratives about the impact of the artists on the city and the city on the artists.

Project Details
A beautifully integrated, dynamic and cohesive brand identity that comes to life in two and three dimensions, across exhibit design, environments and print and social media. This is an inventive, fresh approach to awareness-building and placemaking.
Juror 1
Design Team

Alan Jacobson (principal), Brian Jacobson (creative director), Mark Vevle (producer/project manager), Lucy Price (lead designer), Cara Cox (designer/project manager), Shaun Baer (furniture designer)

Design Firm

in collaboration with J2 Design Partnership

Project Area

1,800 sq ft

Project Budget

$10,000 to $15,000


David Grasso (landlord), Mural Arts (tenant), Ikea (furniture partner)


Shaun Baer Woodworking (displays and environmental detailing), J2 Design Partnership (paint and lighting), Walter Signs (wall and window graphic)