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New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation


Project Vision

A visit to the hospital is disconcerting for everyone, but for the non-English speaker it can be frightening. Hillier Architecture developed a sign standards manual, made up of two volumes and a supplement. The system includes signage and printed wayfinding materials.

Volume 1 divides the signage into four sign families: Multi-lingual, Wayfinding, Identification, and Code Sign. The multi-lingual sign family provides basic information and introduces to visitors the tools available to find their way throughout the facility. The multi-lingual signage has been developed to accommodate information for up to 9 languages, depending on the neighborhood of the hospital. To identify areas, signage, and individuals where this information is available, a color-blended, encircled lower-case “i” symbol was developed.

Volume 2 provides guidelines for producing and using multi-lingual printed pieces that aid visitors in navigation. The printed pieces include a destination ticket, which offers step-by-step instructions on getting to public destinations, and a pocket guide that contains a map, listing of departments, contact information, visiting hours, rules and regulations.


Project Details
More than 110 languages and dialects are spoken in New York City. This sign standards program to help non-English speaking visitors will be incredibly useful in communicating to this audience, making them feel included and cared for as well as helping them navigate a complex system. Well researched and designed, this system is succinct, logical and clear.
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Design Team

John Bosio (Principal in Charge), Amy Rees, Despina Raggousis, Glen Swantak

Design Firm

Hillier Environmental Graphic Design