Urbanite (Part of Frost Collective)

Practice Area


Platine Group


Project Vision

Working in collaboration with Joey Ho and Patrick Leung of PalDesign Architects, Urbanite was commissioned to work on a new concept in children’s play spaces that is understood to be the first of its kind in Australia. Built around best practices for early childhood education through a lens of play, Nubo supports education and growth through exploration and connection for children up to ten years of age.

The main objective of the floor space was learning through play with self-directed and initiated activities. Urbanite’s design for Nubo maintains a clean, calm quality through a beautiful and clever minimal aesthetic and palette. All elements integrated into the space keep this in mind and do their job of wayfinding without distracting or fighting for attention.

Nubo tapped into brand and design expertise across Urbanite and the wider Frost*collective agency. Urbanite created the strategy, identity, branded collateral and promotional items; as a collective they delivered signage and environmental design, and designed and developed the Nubo website.

Project Details
A refreshing and cleaner take on play spaces—not a primary color in sight! This elegant and unified solution is a breath of fresh air. The curving forms are used in interesting and surprising moments—the form never feels compromised and the result is unified and iconic. I imagine a space of this nature allowing children to focus and uncover unique connections and ideas without force.
Juror 1
Finally, design for children that is sophisticated and still fun. I love that Nubo has thrown out all the conventions for designing for children. Good luck with all of that white though!
Juror 2
Design Team

Hannah Radford (design manager), Maria Briganti (environments design director), Yvonne Tong (designer), Anthony Donovan (creative director), Catriona Burgess (strategy director)

Design Firm

Urbanite (Part of Frost Collective)

Project Area

8,267 sq ft


PalDesign Architects (architecture, interior design): Joey Ho, Patrick Leung