Nubo Chatswood

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Palatine Group


Project Vision

NUBO is a multi-award-winning example of a successful children’s play space; its “pure play” concept is illustrated through every touchpoint of the design. Collaborating again with PAL Design Architects, Urbanite designed games, activities and rooms for imaginative productions, pure play, curious exploration and other physical activity.

The primary objective was to deliver a meaningful strategy for the play space that offers an opportunity for parents to “get things done” in a time-efficient and pragmatic fashion balanced with the tangible value they can see leaving their children to spend time in the new, greatly enriching NUBO environment. One of the main challenges was to design spaces, signage and activities which would cater for children from toddlers up to 10 years old.

Spaces were conceived based on Urbanite’s research around the types of play children need to engage in for a complete learning experience. In the Sensory Room science experiments, sensory experiences and experimental play are facilitated by a large illuminated Corian resin sink, designed to encourage children to create, investigate and explore by mixing colors, liquids, bubbles and ice.

The Drama Room houses a theater with a dress up box and LED lights children can manipulate throughout their own performances. The Arts & Crafts Room and The Build Room remove mental and physical limitations in a safe way to encourage creative, tactile pursuits. In the free-play space, running, hiding, climbing, jumping and balancing are encouraged to develop coordination and release energy.

Project Details
Design Team

Ben Hennessy (creative director), Maria Briganti (environments design director), Yvonne Tong (graphic designer), Kurt Ridgway (design manager)

Project Area

4,300 sq ft


PAL Design Architects (interior architects)


Definitive Group