Nortel Networks Calgary Campus


HOK Visual Communications

Practice Area


Nortel Networks

Project Vision

Nortel Networks, a wireless telecommunications company, asked for an innovative atmosphere in their R&D facility in Calgary. Located in the Canadian Rockies, the environmental graphics combined wireless imagery and wordplay with a site contextual “outdoorism” that dominated the location’s culture, especially the younger tech industry workers employed at this campus.

The “big outdoor life” theme extended to the graphics, which included large muralistic art, quote walls, and 3-dimensional artifacts. A constrained budget in a failing tech sector drove the design to lean on found objects such as geographic survey maps for the floor directory, books for the library marker, and the client’s very own circuit boards for restroom markers.

Project Details
This signing program is clever, with a strong sense of humor showing in the large quotes from famous people. The use of bold colors and large easy-to-use type adds a dimension of energy and fun while the stacked book display announcing the library section is clever and eye-catching.
Juror 1
Design Team

Hal Kantner (Principal in Charge), Craig Hein, Diana Gonzalez, Amber Felts

Design Firm

HOK Visual Communications


Chinook Plastics, Ltd.