Nine Entertainment Company Workplaces Signage & Graphics

Following their landmark merger, Nine Entertainment Company needed to unite their new brands and staff together in one place. For the team, this was an opportunity to shape the future workplace of Australia’s largest media player.



Practice Area


Nine Entertainment Company


The Challenge

The biggest challenge during this project was to unify many diverse brand identities under one distinct look and feel for the signage scheme, bringing them together in a way that allowed them all to shine equally. The new building was set to connect television studios, radio broadcasters, historical print publications, digital sites and video streaming platforms under one roof.

Project Vision

The project vision was to seamlessly facilitate the connection and collaboration to grow networks, helping unite and shape the future workplaces of Australia’s largest media player after their landmark merger and unification of their diverse brands under one roof. The team developed a bold graphic and signage system to activate the space, connecting staff to the building, each brand, each achievement and each other, helping create a proud, unified workplace.

Toby Peet

Toby Peet

Toby Peet

Design + Execution

Inspired by Nine Entertainment’s original brand mark, the team deconstructed their iconic logo to develop an elegant line and dot device. By playing with form, scale and materiality, the device is adapted to a wide range of visual and functional uses across the workplace.

The environmental graphics are intended to be the primary driver of the workplaces unified vision. By extending the line and dot motif from a graphic device that is minimal and considered, yet iconic, the graphics are a seamless extension of the interior design.

Toby Peet

Toby Peet

Toby Peet

Toby Peet

Project Details
There is an elegance incorporating this typeface and wayfinding elements. The use of lines and circles provides a simple solution in clarifying where to look and how to move around in the space.
Juror 1
Timeless, sophisticated and classic design, clean simple lines – beautifully simple, yet bold.
Juror 2
The designers successfully made hard to process content accessible, engaging and a compelling visual experience. Every city should have access to these interactives.
Juror 3
Design Team

Ben Hennessy (creative director)
Lalitha Balasubramanian (lead designer)
Adam Longo (design manager)


Bates Smart (architecture)
Spike Design (signage, graphics)

Photo Credits

Toby Peet

Open Date

February 2021