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Project Vision

The Nike Campus Expansion included a 1,500-car parking garage to accommodate the increased employee capacity. Dubbed “The Park,” theming focused on famous sports venues, one venue dedicated to each level. Veiling structure is a translucent digital mural depicting all venues and the famous athletes who played there. This theming approach is carried into the elevator lobbies and vehicle directional signage, where it functions to enhance wayfinding. Part of “The Park” includes theming for the inter-campus bus system. A de-bossed swoosh ornaments the hood of four shuttle vehicles. Interior build-out detailing include specifications for all interior finishes including lighting, upholstery, audio and video systems. Each vehicle design highlights a different sport featuring Nike athletes. Incorporated into the interiors are Nike materials and products.

Project Details
This outstanding parking structure serves as a gateway to the rest of Nike's headquarters, and is notable in the way it integrates with the rest of the campus. All too often, parking structures are treated as stand-alone structures, which bear little relation to the site or architecture they adjoin. The Park successfully serves as a thoughtful introduction to the campus, and establishes the sensibility of the complex at the point when the visitor first enters Nike's headquarters.
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Design Team

Ken Ambrosini (Principal in Charge), Dardinelle Troen, Nick Thomas

Design Firm

Ambrosini Design


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