Nike World Campus North Expansion


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Project Vision

The challenge was to create a unique thematic pedestrian and vehicular signage/wayfinding program for Nike’s one million-square-foot expansion. The interior graphics program is specific to each building. Wayfinding and identity elements incorporate photoetched images of the athletes after whom each particular building is named. The signage program reflects the architecture through the use of similar shapes and finishes. Further expression of architecture is achieved through layering and the use of custom forms. Exterior campus theming includes the design of 39 digital banners comprising four distinct series. As the visitor or employee moves between buildings, along campus avenues, each banner series tells a visual story. Graphic elements are carried over from one banner to the next, contributing to a more dynamic interface.

Project Details
What sets this apart is the way in which the designers incorporated the signs within the architectural environment while enabling them to have their own distinct and evident identity. This is tough to pull off.
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Design Team

Ken Ambrosini (Principal in Charge), Nick Thomas, Dardinelle Troen

Design Firm

Ambrosini Design


Vomar Products, Pesznecker Bros Inc., Clackamas