Nano Jon Arcade


Jonathan Deepe, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

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Project Vision

Nano Jon is the arcade that gamers have always wished for, where the line between the real world and the virtual one is blurred. It is a place where – no matter what your age – you can experience the full spectrum of electronic media from the days of old to today.

The facility is divided into three gaming zones. Zone 1 traces the history of electronic games from the formative years through the golden age. Zone 2 is fuelled with the intense interactive arcade media of today. Zone 3 is a table gaming area complete with vending machines and a snack bar. All three zones immerse the participant in a world full of classic sci-fi and gaming imagery that reflects movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still, The War of the Worlds, Flash Gordon, and the anime craze.

The Nano Jon logo pays homage to classic icons of gaming. In its playful simplicity, the astronaut is reminiscent of classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Mario, and Mega Man. The green and black color scheme reflects the dichromatic monitors of early personal computers.

The stylized text, reminiscent of vintage computer lettering, is to be implemented throughout the facility in wayfinding, signage, and identity. Even without the use of the astronaut, this typography style makes the Nano Jon family easily recognizable by its consumers.

Project Details
This complete and exciting resolution of an established theme clearly articulates strategy and reference supported by a comprehensive identity concept. The jury was pleasantly surprised to find that such a high level of presentation was a student submission that held its own in a field of professional work.
Juror 1
Design Firm

Jonathan Deepe, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design


George Lim (instructor)