Nanchang Insun Cinema


One Plus Partnership Ltd.

Practice Area


Hubei Insun Cinema Film Co., Ltd.


Project Vision

Nanchang Insun International Cinema is located in the Book City area of this southeastern Chinese city. So in its environmental graphics program for the cinema, One Plus Partnership Ltd. took inspiration from both books and movies.

Books are normally printed with black text on white background, while films work in the opposite way, with images printed on black frames. One Plus used a black and white color palette to create dramatic interventions in the cinema’s public spaces. In the cavernous white ticketing lobby, sculptural wall installations with integral lighting and signage look like super-scaled pages of books fanned along the walls. What looks like stacks of paper on the floor is a ticketing office made of Corian. Passing through the lobby into the hallways leading to viewing rooms, the background switches to black, with white text scattered in various fonts and sizes on walls and ceilings—recreating famous dialogue from iconic movies.

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Project Details
We love the Big Idea of linking books and cinema. Visitors enter the world of cinema through the memory of famous dialogue and the written word. This solution bridges media. Beautiful.
Juror 1
Design Team

Ajax Law Ling Kit, Virginia Lung (principals in charge)

Design Firm

One Plus Partnership Ltd.

Project Area

78415 sq ft