Museum of The American Revolution

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Museum of The American Revolution


Project Vision

Over the last decade, Bluecadet has helped the Museum of the American Revolution develop their identity through graphics and interactive experiences that reaffirm their mission to tell the complete story of the Nation’s founding.

Their partnership with the Museum began long before there was a physical structure, and they’ve grown together through dozens of projects and campaigns. In addition to designing their logo, website, and award-winning educational app, Bluecadet worked with the museum to create fundraising materials in support of their new building near Independence National Mall, where the design team’s interactive experiences highlight their incredible collection and educate visitors on the continued relevance of the American Revolution. The digital interactives created for the Museum of the American Revolution are designed to virtually break the glass vitrines that contain their fragile artifacts, empowering visitors to get close enough to discover the small details that tell big stories.

Arms of Independence invites visitors to spin, pinch and zoom in on 3D representations of Revolution-era weapons created by the in-house production team using the latest in ultra-high definition photography. Posters of Protest: 1765-1774 was developed in close collaboration with curators and exhibition designers to be thoughtfully integrated into the immersive gallery space. Activated by proximity sensors, its subtle animations invite visitors to decipher a collection of historic handbills, cartoons, and broadsides that explain the events leading up to America’s declaration of independence. The suite of engaging interactive experiences designed for the Museum of the American Revolution add depth to the visitor experience, reveal the full scope of the revolution and illuminate human stories that still resonate today.

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