Murals at 22nd & Walnut Streets


Susan Maxman & Partners, Michael Webb (artist)

Practice Area


The Sun Oil Company


Project Vision

As part of the renovations to an existing service station, Sunoco commissioned Susan Maxman & Partners and artist Michael Webb to design murals for the end walls of two rowhouses adjoining the property. The problem was to transform the graffiti-covered walls into a visually exciting but subtle depiction of the historic neighborhood. Research revealed that St. James Episcopal Church, designed by Fraser, Furness and Hewitt, occupied the site in 1870 and stimulated construction of the elaborate townhouses nearby. The murals allude to this rich architectural heritage though the reflection and cast shadow of the church and the trompe l’oeil depiction of nineteenth and early twentieth century industrial buildings and row houses. Sunoco incorporated the project into its anti-graffiti program and hopes to install similar works at other gas stations.

Project Details
Juror 1
Design Team

Jeffrey C. Hayes, Michael Webb

Design Firm

Susan Maxman & Partners, Michael Webb (artist)


Michael Webb (painter)