Mountain Monorail


Zach Lee

Practice Area


Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design


Project Vision

The Mountain Monorail project is a proposed solution to a high-speed, mass transit system along the I-70 corridor, which winds through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The design concept for the identity utilizes qualities that reflect the pristine, dynamic, and unique nature of the mountain environment. Other suggestive elements in the identity help illustrate the idea of the monorail: the abstract shape of the monorail in the logo, the dynamic curved shapes that emphasize how the monorail wraps around its guideway beam, and the oblique type implying speed. The wayfinding system is designed not only to effectively communicate, but also to preserve the energetic aspects of the identity. Shapes from the logo are used with the intent of sustaining a consistent identity system throughout the wayfinding applications.

Project Details
I appreciate the research – in local and international contexts – put into this project. A great combination of an overall identity program that looks at everything from stationary and signage to a promotional trade show booth. It's wonderful to see this coming from a student! I applaud the extra effort made by a student to continue the study of a class project over time until it is this fully developed – a characteristic that will make this person a good hire.
Juror 1
Design Firm

Zach Lee


George Lim (instructor)