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Potter Museum

Project Vision

This exhibition of the work of a major graphic design practice from Australia took place in an art gallery, reflecting how graphic design and art engage in a continuing dialog. The installation is based on a tangram – a Chinese puzzle – in which a square is divided into a parallelogram, a square and five triangles. The exhibit viewer is a vital participant in the production of meaning; how people individually move around the installation, circulate, view, read, and listen affect how they interpret information. More or Less has many connotations: Mies’s dictum that less is more, an Australian colloquialism, an ambiguous conjunction of opposites, the phrase of a perfectionist as there is always room for further minute adjustment – more or less.

Project Details
These installation images draw me in, engaging my curiosity. A puzzle seems to unfold within an otherwise neutral container, signaling a progression of information. The cold permanence of the finish materials used serves to make each backlit image more appealing. There is great editing and restraint of space in the display of information. The type set into the metal is especially powerful for its message of permanence.
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Garry Emery (Principal in Charge), Emery Vincent Design Team

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Emery Vincent Design