Money Shot


Nastya Lobova

Practice Area


Fashion Institute of Technology


Project Vision

Manhattan’s Financial District is the economic hub of the nation and also one of the most popular destinations among tourists and guests to New York City. To help visitors successfully navigate through lower Manhattan, FIT Graduate Exhibition Design student Nastya Lobova developed the concept of a Money Shot Map designed for tourists obsessed with taking pictures. The Money Shot Map will mark all the sightseeing treasures of the Financial District, keep tourists on track, and help them find all the iconic places hidden in the city of skyscrapers.

Fashioned after a coin, the Money Shot sign is double-sided. One side is the map itself, while the flip side bears an historical photograph of the site. The signs were designed to be installed at every spot marked on the map. To complement vertical signs horizontal signs will be installed in several spots across Financial District to serve tired tourists. The etched head-up map on the sign’s top depicts the location of the nearest attraction and keeps tourists on track.

Project Details
This was a clean and elegant-looking execution, using a sophisticated material and color palette, which was particularly impressive at the student level. As it's about the best photo opportunities in the financial district, the title ‘Money Shot’ is great. I would love to see this expanded, with a screen component added, such as a phone-based wayfinding app. 
Juror 1
This project proposes an urban intervention that is conceptually coherent in its coin metaphor and well executed in its graphic design elements. The typography, rasterized image treatment, and line art are nicely integrated into an overall language that is both informative and visually appealing.
Juror 2
Design Team

Nastya Lobova

Design Firm

Nastya Lobova

Project Area

Financial District, New York


Christina Lyons (faculty advisor)