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Project Vision

Apple Computer unveiled its revolutionary mini store in five locations across the U.S. Each store is 750 square feet, about half the size of the smallest Apple Store footprint. The design consists of stainless steel walls, backlit graphics, seamless overhead lighting, and a white poured, high-gloss floor. The unique combination of materials and innovative execution of the photography and signage, in addition to the small size of the store, makes this retail design unlike any other in the marketplace.

Project Details
The Apple Mini Store is an elegant extension of the company's brand identity, carrying over the simple lines and crisp details of Apple's contemporary product line into the design of the retail environment. In the age of the Big Box, it's great to see a small store space that packs a punch and offers an inviting refuge for shoppers. The photographic images are integrated with the structure and lighting of the room, not just stuck on. This is a piece of architecture that functions like a well-designed product.
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Apple Retail DesignApple Retail Development, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Eight Inc., Ron Johnson, Steven P. Jobs Graphic Design TeamHiorki Asai, Timon Harrison, Shawn Hazen, John Barretto, Emily Bergendahl, Chris Ereneta, Dean Orlosky, Heather Landers

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ISP Design (lighting)