Melbourne Docklands



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Melbourne Docklands Authority


Project Vision

Batman’s Hill was the starting point from which Melbourne was mapped. The Hill was removed to make way for the extension of the railway system to Spencer Street in the mid 19th century. This marker, of monumental scale, identifies the location and height of the original Batman’s Hill, which is now located in the Docklands redevelopment area. Interpretive panels on the nearby pedestrian bridge illustrate the significance of Batman’s Hill and the development of the Docklands area.

The Docklands in Melbourne is a new development at the site of the old shipping docks. A system of brightly-colored festive wayfinding signs were developed for circulation around the public domain of the docklands development to link a series of residential and commercial developments.

Project Details
The connection back to the historic hill using a modern interpretation impressed the jury. The color, detailing and straightforward messages in its modern surrounding clearly gets its message across. The height and simple shapes give the pedestrian a great visual landmark with a sense of history.
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Design Team

Garry Emery (Principal in Charge)

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