M.D. Anderson Access System


fd2s, inc.

Practice Area


The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center


Project Vision

The consultant began the project with an in-depth analysis of the needs of patients, visitors, and the staff that serve them. The understanding cultivated during this intense analysis phase led to the development of a strategy that called for the creation of a unified and highly recognizable system to address the needs of users at every possible point of contact. The strategy recognized that an effective system would need to reach across every aspect of the hospital’s environment and operations, including architecture and interiors, signage and wayfinding, communications, services, and internal processes.

Project Details
The wayfinding in this enormous medical facility has been humanized and is so refreshing. The color, type, and icons help support the beauty of the program. The reassuring 'pathways and landmark' system is very successful. The introduction of computers in a non-threatening directional system illustrates a great use of technology. The entire program is so well integrated that the jury felt the patient – the ultimate user – benefited and their medical experience was less stressful.
Juror 1
Design Team

Steven L. Stamper (Principal in Charge); Herman Ellis Dyal, AIA; Greg Giordano; Susanne Harrington; Amber Felts; Jon Freach; Suzi Poore; Sharon Silvers; Michael McDaniel; David Hoffer

Design Firm

fd2s, inc.


Handwire (technology), Watershed Five (video production)