McSquared Restaurant + Zero°


Propp + Guerin

Practice Area


Saverne Properties


Project Vision

This restaurant and café are located in a historic building in San Francisco’s Barbary Coast district. The design challenge was to create graphics that worked with both the bold architectural elements and the traditional brick shell. The combination of the modern façade and bold graphics provides a contrasting foil to the area’s more traditional architecture. The design intent was to develop a bold, clear identity to complement the restaurant’s strong, modern lines. The building has a traditional brick façade, with a modern, modular window system inserted into the exterior expression of the restaurant. The main identification was designed to mimic this central window pattern. All of the signage was created from simple, bold forms and strong colors to complement the building’s brick and steel framework.

Project Details
 A simple and effective graphics program: menu treatments, signage, and drink identification. All works nicely with the right angles of the location's Mondrian-inspired frontage. A great example of modern design working powerfully with an old existing city building.
Juror 1
Design Team

James Propp (Principal in Charge), Bob Guerin

Design Firm

Propp + Guerin


Thomas Swan Signs