Massachusetts General Hospital


Two Twelve Associates

Practice Area


Massachusetts General Hospital


Project Vision

The new wayfinding system for the complex of 18 public hospital buildings takes advantage of its recent redesign, which created a unified network of ground-floor corridors and lobbies. Instead of using building names, the new system is based on “routes” and “stops,” like a subway system. People use ground-floor color-coded “routes” to find their “stop” — usually an elevator that takes them to their final destination. From there, building graphics guide users to departments and offices.

Project Details
Juror 1
Design Team

David Gibson, Cynthia Poulton, Sylvia Harris (wayfinding consultant)

Design Firm

Two Twelve Associates


ASI Modulex (primary), Wallach Glass Studio (donor wall), Kassindorf Carved Glass (donor wall), Kassindorf Carved Glass, Kraus & Sons (banners)