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Macquarie Bank Ltd./Clive Wilkinson Architects


Project Vision

Macquarie Group, Australia’s largest investment bank, needed a comprehensive signage and graphics program for its new headquarters in Sydney. This forward-thinking bank values transparency, a global outlook, and collaborative work behavior, and sought to express those brand attributes in its physical space.

EGG Office developed an overarching graphic device derived from the building exterior’s open, diagonal grid pattern over the glass façade. Using this grid as inspiration for a custom font and pictograms used throughout the project, the designers created a unified building identity.

The grid of diagonal lines forming the letters and pictograms graphically depicts the concept of “transparency,” as does the open texture of other patterns and materials used in the project. Supergraphics executed on large glass panels allow for meeting and conference room activities to be revealed in whole or in part. Gridwork patterns laser-cut through opaque panels create rhythm and continuity, and the surprising scale of pictograms and the playfulness of the supergraphics support an open attitude and a collaborative work environment.

Themed plazas on each level underscore the notion of collaboration by referring to various collaborative environments and meeting places through time: dining table, library, garden, tree house, playroom, and coffee house. The EGG team developed unique graphic design elements and color palettes for each plaza area to communicate each typology, aiding in creating distinctive environments in which employees meet and collaborate.

The exterior main identification signage takes the form of tall, vertical totems with LED screens that project patterns, colors, and type that hint at the building interiors, animate the entry courtyard, and draw visitors inside.

Project Details
These designers have helped to create a work environment that appears to be an enjoyable place filled with unexpected, light-hearted surprises. This shows that even the typically mundane restroom or office supply closet can be an individual expression and an extension of an architectural palette.
Juror 1
Wonderful application of the ‘transparency’ concept. Excellent balance of color, graphics, and materials application.
Juror 2
Design Team

Christian Daniels (principal), Jonathan Mark (design director), Jane Bogart (copywriter), Kate Tews (project manager and copywriter)Architecture: Clive Wilkinson Architects

Design Firm

EGG Office


Wizardry Imaging & Signs (primary fabricator), Cunneen Signs (exterior digital totem signs)